Shortener URL
Universitas Dian Nuswantoro

Shortener URLs by Universitas Dian Nuswantoro Semarang.

List Shortened URL

No URL Short URL Description Status
1 localhost/LxWb2 Seminar Proposal SI-S1 Active
2 localhost/home/u/ingKosong kelas kosong Active
3 localhost/home/u/taTI-S1 bimbingan Tugas Akhir TI-S1 Inactive
4 localhost/kuli_lupa kulino lupa password Active
5 localhost/tut_retro Tutorial android retrofit Active
6 localhost/DhL6B sabyan Active
7 localhost/A4e01 Blog Dinus File Jabfa Active
8 localhost/urlwebinar URL Webinar FIK Active
9 localhost/webinarudn List webinar UDINUS Active
10 localhost/upd_pam upload tausiyyah dinus Active
11 localhost/webinar2 WEBINAR KARIR 2 UDINUS CAREER CENTER MARET 2021 Active
12 localhost/absenwk1 absensi webinar karir 1 Active
13 localhost/webinar3 WEBINAR KARIR 3 UDINUS CAREER CENTER MARET 2021 Active
14 localhost/pmmb_ptpn9 Lowongan Magang PMMB khusus DKV (PTPN-9) Active
15 localhost/sertifwk1 Sertifikat webinar karir 1 maret 2021 Active
16 localhost/ytwebinar3 WEBINAR KARIR 3 UDINUS CAREER CENTER MARET 2021 Active
17 piala menpora Active
18 virtual jobfair udinus 3 Active
19 localhost/ppd-dahlia PPD Smg 2021 Dahlia Active
20 localhost/ppd-mawar PPD Smg 2021 Mawar Active
21 localhost/ppd-tulip PPD Smg 2021 Tulip Active
22 localhost/anggrek1 PPD Smg 2021 Anggrek 1 Active
23 localhost/anggrek2 PPD Smg 2021 Anggrek 2 Active
24 localhost/nominasi Daftar Nominasi yang salah atau tidak lengkap PPD Kota Semarang 2021 Active
25 localhost/ppd-smp PPD Smg 2021 SMPN Active
26 PMMB UDINUS 2 2021 Active
27 localhost/karir1 WEBINAR PERSIAPAN KARIR 1 AGUSTUS 2021 Active
29 localhost/ppkmkopi Kuesioner pelatihan PPKM Kopi Ngemplak Boyolali Active
31 localhost/yt_webi1 STREAM YOUTUBE WEBINAR KARIR 1 30 AGUSTUS 2021 Active
32 Zoom Webinar Karir 1 Active
33 localhost/msosmed Kuesioner Pelatihan Sosial Media Active
34 localhost/mod-sosmed Modul Pelatihan Sosmed Active
35 Form tatap muka Active
No URL Short URL Description Status

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